Ms Gillian Basnett
Robotic Co-ordinator

Featuring laparoscopic and endoscopic simulation trainers and robotic equipment permanently on-site, the Centre has been designed specifically to facilitate group learning and supervision in this advanced technique.

Our modular training facility is multi-layered.  Our courses and sessions offer training from introductory levels for students and trainees to the most advanced skills training for Consultants and their teams.

Our teaching tools comprise up-to-the-minute technologies, providing:

  • Practical, hands-on ‘virtual reality’ experiences
  • ‘Real feedback scenarios’ using reactive mannequins
  • An innovative hybrid system that connects human beings with advanced digital MAS implements.

Cameras positioned above each MAS training station relay detailed images to a tutor’s master station. This enables experienced clinicians to teach and supervise groups of up to 10 trainees simultaneously.

Trainees may also follow live or pre-recorded MAS procedures in real-time, comparing their work directly with the expert techniques portrayed before them on screen.

Everything is recorded on DVD, for post-operative examination and discussion.

Robotic Training Book